In today’s world of constant noise, it’s important for brands to stand out. To do this, brand messages must be memorable and easy for users to digest. A unique way of achieving this is to use 3D animation and motion graphics. Not only do these techniques help convey complex information, they also help people understand the message, and they offer cognitive longevity.

Ripple Group works with businesses, agencies and marketing departments to provide mind-blowing and unique motion graphics and animations. Think of our team and our lab as an extension of your creative department. Our 3D animation and motion graphics studio is stocked with the latest in CGI technology, including Cinema 4D, After Effects, Maya, 3D Studio Max and Video Scribe. We also have some of the best animation and motion graphics specialists on our team, with experience in television advertising, broadcast design, online video, brand development, event graphics, music videos and architectural design.

Ripple Group can provide a range of 3D animation and motion graphics services, including:

  • 3D modelling
  • CGI effects
  • architectural rendering
  • virtual tours
  • film animation
  • GIF animations for web
  • motion capture
  • motion graphic design
  • logo animation and typography
  • whiteboard animations

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