Some of the most incredible parts of the world are hidden from view. To capture them you need a change in perspective and a unique approach.

Aerial, underwater and extreme location cinematography and photography, as well as ultra-slow-motion and time-lapse, are specialist services demanding extensive field experience and technology that is constantly being improved. They often fall outside the scope of what most marketing departments, agencies and businesses can provide but it’s in this area that Ripple Group excels. Think of us as an extension of your creative department, ready to film wherever the story takes us.

Ripple Group specialise in capturing breathtaking aerial cinematography and photography for a range of industries including residential and commercial real estate markets, the travel and tourism sector, advertising and marketing, environmental monitoring, and disaster and post-disaster reconnaissance. We use three methods for capturing aerial footage: helicopter, UAV (drone), and cable-stabilised aerial camera systems.


Our experienced and qualified helicopter flight crew are available for projects anywhere in the world. We can provide fixed-mount or independent camera-stabilising systems depending on the needs of the project and offer inflight film directing and monitoring.

Our drone team use fully stabilised gimbal systems for a wide range of cameras from the Panasonic GH5 through to RED Weapon. We provide air–to-ground live monitoring and waypoint and geo-mapping for accurate filming sequences.

For us, safety for our team and technology is paramount. Our pilots are Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA)-approved operators and we hold full public liability insurance.

There have been huge improvements in drone technology in recent years and these advances have given us more freedom in the way we manoeuvre in the sky. The views captured are breathtaking and they provide new and unique angles that only drone technology can provide.




If your goal is to be in the thick of the action, cable-stabilised aerial camera systems are ideal: they provide mesmerising mid-air shots that put the viewer in the thick of the action.

Cable-stabilised cameras are a cost-effective, crowd-safe method of showcasing all the action below. All of Ripple’s aerial camera systems are broadcast quality, suspended by long-run Dyneema lines (up to 660 feet or 200 metres) that can be vertically or horizontally tracked, are easy to manoeuvre and almost silent when in operation. For smooth and steady sequences we use Gyro (Kenyon) and DJI gimbal stabilising. Importantly, the cameras are weatherproof and can be used indoors and outdoors, which reduces potential downtime.


Some of the most breathtaking images we’ve captured have been underwater. There’s something about the almost lunar landscape in the perfect light that makes for such unique vision. Ripple Group can capture underwater footage anywhere in the world for unique advertising, research and adventure purposes.

We use 4K and ultra–slow-motion cameras; our operators are experienced in extreme conditions and can capture the action on top and under the water.



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