The success of any marketing campaign is directly related to research and planning. The more you understand your market, your brand and the medium, the more successful your campaign will be.

With the marketing landscape changing so quickly it’s important to partner with a group of companies that are evolving with it and identifying new ways for businesses to connect with consumers. That group is Ripple.

Agencies and marketing departments regularly turn to Ripple Group to evaluate current media plans or develop new media campaigns. This partnership is beneficial in two ways; we offer fresh ideas and a different perspective and as a creative services company we have access to global talent from award-winning cinematographers to voice over artists, script writers, photographers and everyone in between.

The creative campaigns we develop have their foundations solidified by market determination and strategy but they are executed by pure content genius.

Ripple Group offer market determination and campaign planning services including:

  • marketplace and competitive analysis
  • customer insight and psychographics
  • media communication strategy
  • channel identification and partnering
  • marketing programme management
  • campaign management.

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