Projects and campaigns don’t stand alone: they are always connected to business goals.  Managing, executing and analysing these projects is essential to business success. Good project, marketing and strategic business managers provide businesses, their clients and partners with assurance and help them to look at the bigger picture, they also provide the essential controls of budget, time and compliance.  A challenge is that a lot of agencies and businesses don’t have the capacity to offer these time-learned certified services.

Ripple Group can.

Ripple isn’t just a creative group – we also have extensive C-level experience and a broad range of business management, consulting and accredited project management capabilities. Partnering with Ripple ensures that you get the perfect balance of creativity and business knowledge to drive your project forward.

The success of any business venture, project or event is dependent upon how well it is planned. Poor planning leads to poor execution and that will have an impact on both time and money. The ability to make smart business decisions relies upon a solid understanding of the projected direction of the business and marketplace.

Ripple Group can provide strategic and tactical intelligence to help you make better business decisions. Our strategic and tactical planning includes:
● stakeholder analysis and management
● competitive analysis
● commercial purpose and business value alignment
● business performance gaps analysis
● strategy planning workshops
● channel performance assessment and management
● project planning.



Stagnancy kills businesses, which is why it’s important to assess processes, procedures, technology, resources and organisational strategies periodically. Systematically addressing current issues and engineering new solutions have been shown to improve business performance and provide significant returns on investment.

Ripple Group supports clients by assisting them to streamline their operations. Here’s how we can help you:
● process and performance analysis
● business process mapping
● business process re-engineering
● requirements management
● business transformation and change management
● procurement and vendor management
● contracts management
● service quality analysis.

The goal of any campaign is success in the market. Achieving this relies on the skill and experience of the campaign manager and her or his team. Experts like the team at Ripple Group understand how marketing works and how to apply this knowledge to different types of products across a range of different mediums. With Ripple taking care of campaign management, you can concentrate on the important job of running your business.

The marketing and campaign management services that Ripple Group provides include:
● brand equity and consumer perception assessment
● marketing performance, ROI and effectiveness measurement
● market testing
● communication planning
● campaign planning and implementation
● media and content management
● events management
● product launch.



For complex projects to run smoothly and be delivered on time and on budget, they must be managed well. That requires a project management team with expertise and experience.

Outsourcing your programme and project management needs makes business sense. Here are the services Ripple provides to effectively plan and manage your project:
● project and programme delivery
● cross-business master scheduling
● project and programme assurance
● risk analysis
● resource performance analysis
● project health checks
● contracts and permissions management.

The effective management of resources will greatly affect the performance of any organisation. Performing periodic resource optimisation enables an organisation to view where resources are currently needed and how this will shift with changing capacity, demand and organisational goals.

Ripple Group’s resource utilisation and performance optimisation services include:
● Performing an assessment of a business or team and mapping the outcomes against business and performance metrics for initial organisational architecture information
● Human resource performance assessment (human capital investment vs return metrics)
● Human resource competency gaps analysis
● Resource and utilisation mapping
● New-hire performance fast-tracking encompassing induction, values and ethics training via online visual tools
● Workforce planning and talent strategy
● Transformation and change management.



Technology is constantly changing the way we innovate. The successful adoption of any technology relies strongly on education, value and ease of use. If these considerations can be met, they will have an impact on revenue, market growth, customer loyalty and customer retention.

Ripple Group is a resource that can assist you with technology adoption analysis. We provide the following services:
● digital transformation
● digital strategy
● digital service design
● digital capacity.


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