We are in the midst of a revolution. The use of video and photographs capturing critical incidents around the world is crucial to the flow of information to the public. We live in a world where a 24-hour news cycle is expected, and one of the most efficient ways of communicating relevant information about an emergency or disaster is through the use of high-quality imagery.

Ripple Group are a resource for businesses, government and law enforcement agencies when reconnaissance and critical-incident documenting is required, both in Australia and overseas.

Our experienced filmmakers and photographers use aerial and macro or micro ground-based high-resolution videography and photographic technologies, and are backed by our support team, who handle all logistical aspects.

We are trained and experienced with high risk and critical event environments, which are subject to utmost safety discipline, discretion, security and procedural doctrine.  We are bound to absolute confidentiality and all material produced or captured is managed under dually redundant security encryptable storage.

Ripple Group can get boots on the ground 24/7 anywhere in the world. Our team are emergency-management qualified and experienced, and provide full compliance with incident command. Imagery discretion and confidentiality is guaranteed. We provide the following critical-incident documenting services:

● Video and still imagery capturing natural disasters, disaster scenes and civic incidents.
● Incident and scenario re-enactments.
● Interviews or interrogations for use in the judicial process.
● News broadcast offload filtering for correct and accurate messaging and communication.



If your needs are survey-focussed, Ripple Group can deliver air, water and land-based documenting for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications. We provide collaborative information analysis, real-time video-encoding technology and a trusted and secure service.

Ripple Group can also offers aerial and ground-based asset survey using differentially corrected GPS and laser mapping anywhere in the world.

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