There’s no denying it, the Internet has changed the way we build and execute direct marketing campaigns. Over the past decade there has been a significant shift to automated, optimised tools that deliver your message directly to your target audience. When strategised and executed well, direct marketing is a powerful, cost-effect, sales driving tool.

Direct marketing is often overlooked by agencies and marketing departments, especially if they are unfamiliar with current technology or they don’t have the resources available to guide a campaign through to completion. That’s when Ripple Group can help.

Ripple Group’s direct marketing team can work directly with you or as an extension of your team. We can assist you in creating initial direct marketing goals, organise single campaigns, or strategise for ongoing, long-term campaigns both online and off.

Ripple Group can provide the following product and service direct marketing services:

  • concept and strategic development
  • market analysis
  • project management
  • artwork design
  • copywriting
  • film services
  • print services
  • list rental and publication.

Need To Reach Your Market Leanly?

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