With advances in technology, the ability to integrate film and high quality photography into advertising and brand messages has not only become more achievable, it’s expected. Imagery, both photos and film, allows people to form a connection to a product. It drives a message. It can evoke emotions. It can conjure desire.

It’s not good enough to rely on stock photo images and film libraries anymore. Custom content is highly desirable because consumers can identify images that are inauthentic. Creating this custom content is often out of agency or marketing department scope. That’s where Ripple Group comes in.

Ripple Group’s film and photo production teams provide a range of professional photographic and film services. Our teams travel to remote parts of the world capturing breathtaking imagery for everything from tourism campaigns promoting new areas to explore to video and photojournalism capturing imagery of world events. We have experience working in some of the most remote places in the world. Not only are we trained and familiar working in these environments, we also carry emergency rescue and first aid qualifications should something go wrong.

How do you want us to capture your world? We take beautiful images no matter the location. Our expert team of photographers have access to the latest technology and have extensive experience taking high quality photos on land, in the ocean or in the sky.



We’ll tell your story with breathtaking images and film from some of the most beautiful locations in the world. We have a network of photographers and cinematographers all across the globe with the latest technology and extensive commercial experience.

Images sell products. Period. Ripple Group’s team of professional commercial photographers and filmmakers can work directly with brands or members of your team to create images that will inspire.



Events offer the ability to showcase your brand and corporate culture. Ripple Group’s photographers and filmmakers will capture the essence of your event – from industry awards nights, galas, trade shows and expositions. Our photographers and filmmakers are unobtrusive, professional and are happy to discuss all aspects of direction with you.

Through a combination of experience and skill we create unique, high quality images that capture your corporate identity. Our photography is used in executive communications such as annual reports, executive and board member portraits, operations photography and asset photography. Our film services have been used to create image-rich presentations for annual general meetings, and expositions.



Our international interest work has led to some of the most memorable, inspiring images that we’ve captured. Our team is often called upon by foreign tourism organisations, relief and aid organisations, ministerial departments, universities and research groups to highlight the important jobs they are performing all over the world.

Ripple Group’s photographers and filmmaker are often commissioned to provide images for a range of corporate communications like marketing materials, websites, brochures, print materials and magazines.



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