Recent studies encompassing sixty Supreme and District Court trials shows that digital media is the most easily understood and powerful method of presenting case details, whether for judge, jury or mediator. Forensic animation and digital media also provide for more retention than traditional transcripts alone. It’s essential to the success of your project to capitalise on this.

The use of digital media, especially within the legal system, has never been more important. Inquisitorial systems are becoming more commonplace, with juries, judges and stakeholders playing a more interactive role when investigating the facts of a case. However, due to the enormous outlay of money required to purchase up-to-date technology and the time necessary to put together an internal team, digital media may seem out of reach or out of budget for many.

This is where we can help.

Ripple Group have been providing forensic animation and videography since 2008. Over that time we have assisted law enforcement and legal agencies, law practitioners, investigative organisations, and science, research and medical laboratories to present complex information with clarity and credibility.

Ripple Group’s forensic animation team can help you with:

  • 3D of video scene, accident or incident re-creation;
  • testimonials, evidence and time/distance sequencing;
  • forensic and pathology physics-accurate animation;
  • video documentary;
  • depositions and testimonials;
  • news reporting.

Need To Recreate A Scenario?

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