The faces of miners trapped or lost in disasters all over the world have been some of the most gripping and heart-wrenching images to appear on our screens. Communication happens at the speed of the internet and company values are impacted – before the stock market even opens. Crisis management involves not only preserving the safety of people and property effected by the event, it must also preserve the interest of the company. While the world reacts, it’s the job of crisis communication managers to ensure that information filtering out from the mine site controls the dialogue, is accurate, transparent and compassionate.

Managing the aftermath of a mine disaster is a complex task that must be handled by experts. Ripples approach is as uniquely pre-emptive as it is responsive. Not only does this require an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a mining organisation before, during and after a disaster, it also calls for prepared response, pro-active management and skilled communication between the victims, families, communities and media affected by the events. In addition, documenting the disaster is a critical undertaking that must be done correctly from the outset to satisfy legal, insurance and humanitarian considerations.

Ripple Group is used as a resource by mining groups and their stakeholders to provide disaster management and disaster documentation services, including:

  • proactive crisis communication
  • public relations spokesperson(s)
  • videography and photography documenting
  • image management
  • erroneous information correction
  • news broadcast filtering and offload
  • online communication
  • business continuity.

Despite an increase in safety standards, these mining accidents continue to happen all over the world. Our team of experienced communication managers, videographers, photographers and support staff are available to offer 24/7 global support for the duration of the disaster.


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