Consumer influence, loyalty and connection today requires a higher level of emotive engagement than ever before. Next to visual cues; audio, voice and music provide a most important sensory trigger. It is well documented that music changes moods, influences emotions, builds impetus and effects decisions. But music alone is not enough. Modern consumers are attuned to only the highest music fidelity, attenuation and competitive nuances, which can build on and detract emotion.

Ripple Group’s sound laboratories are equipped with the latest recording and digital engineering technology to provide best-in-class audio capture and sound manipulation. Ripple seamlessly integrates the composition of simple or complex music works, effects and voice with our video, animation and motion graphics capabilities, to produce wholly immersive and engaging customer experiences.

We know great visual and audio composites can profoundly dictate perceptions of brand image, allegiance and market connection.  Our music and visual production directors work as a single unit across all multi-media works to ensure that the sum of all parts of our productions are greater than the whole.  This unique structure ensures our clients receive the most influential works of the highest possible quality and creativity.

Ripple Group offers a range of recording, composing and voice related audio engineering services including:

  • soundtrack and music score composition
  • ad jingles
  • multi-track studio and live recording 
  • music videos
  • voice- over recording
  • sound engineering
  • audio effects

Need Sound To Stir Emotion?

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