The fields of research and development are constantly evolving, with ground-breaking discoveries being made every day. In the past scientific information was presented in traditional transcript format but we are now seeing a significant shift towards the use of digital multimedia like videos, 3D interpretation and high-resolution photography.

Utilising different strategies for disseminating information allows for a more holistic view of complex data. It also leads to greater trust in the accuracy of information and eases cognitive pressure, making it more possible for end users and stakeholders to understand. Anything that sells your message so succinctly is a good thing.

Ripple Group specialises in providing creative support services that convey your research in the most user-friendly way. Our team are highly skilled at achieving this, and they also have significant experience working in the research and development sector.

  • In the past, Ripple Group have provided:
  • Scientific/research documenting for scientific research or educational organisations
  • Qualitative Research utilising;
    • 3D interpretation, recreation and visual emphasis
    • high-resolution and slow-motion videography
    • medium and large-format photography
    • macro and micro-imagery
    • long-term assignments in remote and extreme environments
    • aerial terrain, aquatic and laboratory videography and photography.
  • Participatory and experiential videography
  • Ethnovideography.
  • Time-lapse projects requiring comparative evaluation.
  • Investor relations information presentations.

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