The world is a magical place, but its real beauty is often hidden; uncovering it takes skill and tools like ultra slow-motion and time-lapse cinematography. These tools can help tell a story that is minute or mammoth, with footage captured over a millisecond or a month. They enable you to tell your story on whatever scale you want in the most impactful and unique way.

Unfortunately, for a lot of in-house production teams ultra-slow-motion and time-lapse cinematography are beyond the scope of what is possible. That’s why partnering with Ripple Group to outsource these specialised services makes perfect business and creative sense.

To capture your story, our Vision Research–trained operators, cinematographers and post-production specialists work with the latest technology, including Vision Research Phantom Flex 4K and Miro Cameras with frame rates up to 1000 FPS at 4k and over 1500 FPS in HD. We use helicopter gimbal mount systems for aerial shoots and specialised underwater housing systems for aquatic work. Our team can guide you on the right technology to use to achieve your project goals.

In the past Ripple Group has provided ultra–slow-motion and time-lapse services for use in:

  • scientific, research and forensic applications capturing fast or slow phenomena;
  • high-impact or dramatised advertising;
  • sporting and other events requiring an instant replay;
  • engineering, construction and development projects.

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