Anyone who uses social media on a regular basis knows what it’s like to be bombarded with digital marketing messages from pushy brands that provide no real benefit and no honest attempt at connection. As more companies embrace social media, the louder the misdirected messages are becoming.

At Ripple Group we do social media marketing differently. We’ve adopted a societal media marketing approach – one that aims to better reach the needs of consumers by motivating them with tangible societal influences that are targeted and meaningful to them.

The brands we partner are passionate about nurturing and growing strong communities and contributing to the greater good of all (instead of just contributing to their bottom line). This means developing ideas and societal media strategies that are outside the box.

Ripple Group’s societal and social media marketing team live and breath brand building through meaningful connections. Here’s how we can help you:

  • Social media marketing strategy.
  • Social market analysis.
  • Multichannel campaign management..
  • Protocol development and training
  • Media performance assessment and reporting.

Need Profitable Social Media?

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