Hard Wear.


Just because you work hard doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. The Ripple Hard-Wear line of apparel takes care of your body and image to allow you to take care of your production.

Our technical fabrics are engineered using materials and manufacturing processes that push the technological boundaries of protection from environment, comfort and styling. We design our work resistant wear specifically to improve the comfort and appearance of production and support crew who work on extended assignments in inhospitable hot and cold conditions, or spend long days under studio lights.

Our materials contain integrated microporous particles that draw and expel moisture using electrostatic ionisation; which actively maintains an ideal microclimate around your body keeping the skin cool and hydrated when it’s hot, and warm and dry when its cold. We engineer this technology into the fabric and not simply apply a surface treatment, so it will endure the rigours of your hard work without ever peeling or washing out. And because this science also traps odour molecules, your clothes won’t smell, even during extended assignments in the most harsh locations.

Ripple Hard-Wear provides a wardrobe of production ready garments for Producers, Directors and Camerapeople, through Imaging Lighting, Sound and Logistics Technicians that outperform most normal work wear. And because we know that your image is important on and off the set our Hard-Wear sets a new benchmark for the stylishly prepared production professional.

Master Works.


The first photographic image was taken in 1826 and no one could have anticipated the impact that photography would have on the course of history, and the evolution of modern fine art.

Since the creation of the digital camera in 1975 dramatic developments in spatial resolution and permanent printing technologies have led a contemporary shift from traditionalist art to archive-grade master photography.   Private galleries and National Museum’s now exhibit more digitally imaged works than artisan pieces, and more is being bought and sold through fine art auction houses than ever before.  In the heritage of aristocracy, today, photographic fine art adorns the walls of private collections and leading corporate board rooms as the embodiment of success, prestige and power.

The acclaimed work of Ripple master photographers is now available as exclusively limited edition artist proofed prints. This collection of world class, large-format fine art photography showcases our most stunning visions captured from various epic locations across the world. Limited to only 10 artist proofs numbered and signed by the artist, each limited edition artwork is printed and mounted under vacuum to exacting specifications, and framed using solid timber materials. Each limited edition artwork includes embedded authenticating marks, a corresponding certificate of authenticity, and care and handling instructions. Due to this exclusively limited release our masterworks cannot be purchased online.